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A Visual Exploration


Since first picking up a paintbrush in 2016, RED has worked to engage and intrigue the community with their beautiful work. Much of their inspiration comes from a scientific background, the ocean, and biology. Their pieces embody a message of marine conservation, which draws upon their experience as a graduate student pursuing research in molecular conservation ecology.  By combining a variety of techniques their goal is to create unique pieces that raise awareness and further the dialog on the need to better understand and protect our oceans and the environment.

3D Shrimp Painting
Live Painting by RED
RED live painting
original RED painting
RED paintings
original paintings by RED
grouper painting
Beach Scene


View My Fine Arts Painting Portfolio

It is said that a great artist is always before their time; and this stands true of REDITTER Art. As a graduate student RED has dedicated years to the sciences and is constantly seeking new and innovative ways to develop new skills. Explore this digital portfolio and discover when those special pieces were created, what they were inspired by, and learn more about their medium.


Thank you for reviewing the Robb Ditter Art Fine Arts Painting Portfolio. Please get in touch to find out more.

North Miami Beach, FL, USA


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